The exploitation of the vast small hydro potential in the Newly Independent States (NIS) offers enormous socio- economic and environmental benefits. Consequently, small hydro power generation has a long tradition in these countries. Due to neglect in favour of a more centralised energy supply during the Soviet period, one third of existing small hydro plants are out of operation now. The SSA “SHYCA” aims to revive the the existing know - how and infrastructure for small - hydro energy generation in NIS. The Caucasus and Carpathian region are ideal starting locations, with a high potential for small hydro and severe electricity shortages. The project SHYCA will perform a complete technical and socio- economic assessment of small hydro retrofitting and construction using the extensive existing, but dispersed data. The consortium includes strong and competent players in Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Ukraine, who have detailed knowledge on the existing and planned small hydro capacity of 670 MW. SHYCA will systemise and update this existing data. A Compendium for Small Hydro Power Action including all relevant technical and socio - economic data and concrete feasibility studies will be compiled, and used as a tool for involving EU actors in smallhydro actions in the region, and support political and economic decision-makers.
SHYCA Is financed by the European Comission as part in the
6th Framework Programme INCO, (International Cooperation).
6th Framework Programme
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